"The Debussy Bird"                         "Rescue the Perishing"                                             "The Jester's Fairytale" 
                                                                                                                                                            a Translation from German

        Other works:

     "Mary Garth's 'Beautiful Soul': 'Inner Abilities' as Bildung in Middlemarch"  

        ~ George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies

    "The Harbor"  (Ekphrastic Response)

       ~ The Coil

      "Cows" (Poem)

       ~ Literature Today

     "Take Sides" (Poem)


     "Slipper Thoughts" (Poem)

        ~ Wazee Journal

      "Stutti Defunkt"  (Essay)

        ~ The Rambler

    "Broken Stove House" (Essay)

        ~ Ask Me About My Divorce Anthology (Seal Press)


​           "Mary Garth: Female Bildung in Middlemarch" RMMLA (Rockly Mountain MLA Conference) 

           "Aphra Behn's The Fair Vow Breaker's Psychological Endowment of Growth"  SCRC (South-Central

            Renaissance Conference)

           "Moll Flanders and the Formal Possibilities of Terror"  NEMLA (Northeast MLA Conference)

        Curriculum and Instructional Design


        Adult Learning/Non-Traditional - LMS: Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard

       Undergraduate: (Target Ages 25-60)  Business Writing, Intermediate Composition, Essentials of Effective        Writing, Academic Writing (For Non-English Speaking Students), Craft of Creative Writing, Beginning        Writing. 

       Graduate: (Target Ages 25-60) Literature I and II, Author Study, Business of Publishing, Blogging I and II,           The Writer's Voice, Capstone I and II, Poetry Writing I and II, Creative Nonfiction I and II, Pedagogy of               Rhetoric.

           Saturday Marathons: The Cottonwood Collective  

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