Elisabeth Kinsey

Elisabeth Kinsey lives in Denver but hails from San Jose, California, a grand-daughter of Italian and Jewish settlers. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Denver. Her dissertation traces the female Bildungsroman back to Early Modern British women's writing and the female rogue.

She is published in Literature Today, Women in NatureGreenwoman MagazineWazee JournalApogee, Ask Me About My Divorce, Tupelo Quarterly, Emergency Online JournalThe Coil among other publications.  She can be called upon to lecture on Divorce, Northern Italian Cooking and zone 5 gardening. She has taught at Regis University as Adjunct Professor and Lead for over 7 years. 

She could say she's intermediate in German, but perhaps more accurately, she's a German enthusiast. 

And yes, that is a Gorn.